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Being informed of casino news can be very lucrative if you pounce on the opportunity when it breaks. The basics of casino news covers the essential, the release of new games and the promotions that will come with the. You also have random bonuses and promotions that casinos will trigger for players to jump in with to use. You also have the release of new online casinos going live, should you wish to check out the new competition on the scene. The insight of news deals with peoples key interest, you won’t be bogged down with tiring industry gossip which players have no real interest in, such as a casino merging with a new software company. Your concerns are winning and winning for free!

Top 3 Casinos: Offering the best New Member Bonuses for SA Players

Bonus of R15000
Bonus of R10000
Bonus of R12000

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Casino can directly update you with their own news through email and app notifications directly. You will have instant links to activate any of the free bonuses that have which may be of interest to your gambling experience. This is all is processed through the management tools that track your gambling style so that news issued is relevant to what you like.