Sic Bo Online - Roll the dice and win big with this sophisticated casino classic

Amongst our multiple casino games comes the chance to experience sic bo online, the only other dice game besides crap to be available in any online casino. All the information is here to help you enjoy a few free games where no deposit is required and no download is needed to play the wonderful game of sic bo.

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Sic Bo

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Sic Bo was invented by the Chinese long ago that’s is literally ancient, it offer players a different take of gambling unlike anything else. The sic bo dice game comes with a number of betting options just like craps and roulette. The house edge is also low as well so the outcome of many wins is very possible for a skilled sic bo player.

The sic bo gambling game is a must for any serious player looking for big returns of many combination plays

A sic bo win offers a healthy payout depending on how big or small your wager is. Here you will get to learn the rules of online sic bo and how the tables work so it’s easier to win some sic bo real money should you choose to join any of South Africa’s top online casinos for that sic bo big win!

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There is only one way to increase your sic bo win rate and that is through practice. By playing our demo mode games you can adjust yourself to sic bo gambling within the real casinos. Here you can learn all about the sic bo table game, practice the different combinations, learn what payouts can be achieved and try your luck with sic bo strategy tips.

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If you play the demo games long enough to see what it takes to bet smartly, a sic bo sure win can come from the real money games. With no deposit, you can enjoy any form of sic bo gambling game through the welcome bonuses within our reviews. You can use them to play the same games as the demos, or even live dealer games. So familiarise yourself with the sic bo game layout and see how successful you can be at beating the casino odds and win real money payouts for free!!!

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No matter how you choose to experience the sic bo casino dice game, through our site it’s risk-free. It’s easy to play and you can begin right now both for real money and for fun through demo sic bo game play.

See if the wins roll in for you with sic bo online, we wish you the best of luck playing.

Sic Bo : Really cool. I love it. Sic Bo rating: 4.7 out of 5 with 92 ratings


✅ What does Sic Bo mean?

The game is commonly referred to Hi-Lo or Big Small, but the name Sic Bo translates as 'Precious Dice'. As this is a game played with three dice that gives it its unique unequal quality of chance.

✅ What is the House Edge in Sic Bo?

Sic Bo gives the casino one of the highest edges over the player because of the three dice use. The house has a 13% edge over the player, making it difficult to win, but the rewards are amongst the highest.