Craps: Take on the Famous Game inside the Best African Online Casinos


If you want something different from the casino games, then try your hand at Craps, one of only two dice games that have been made for the gambling circuit. It’s known as a favourable odds game with plenty of betting options equalling lots of action to be had at the craps table.

Introducing the craps game which is available from the best-rated online casinos in South Africa

Craps is a unique dice game that has established itself in numerous movies from Hollywood. Reserved by every casino online we can guide you to the best places offering online craps with real money payouts in rand currency. Here we talk about the bit opportunities the game provides and the rules of playing with dice. There are also offer to pick up to help your winning streak.

There is a lot going on within online craps but this just reflect the many ways you can win from the game

The craps game comes with many combination bets, the table layout alone looks daunting but it’s all very simple. Don t be put off by the marking which read things like pass line bet, come bets, line bet and so on, these are just markings of just some of the way you can make money from the game. You will be known as the shooter and the bet comes before the shooter rolls. The chips placed down determine whether you or the dealer will win. Once bets placed you watch the virtual dice rolling on the table to see what numbers land.

If the come bet is successful then you win.

You can place bets as shooter against yourself, again, giving the player added options with the come out roll bet.

You will have the option and opportunity to play craps online with others in a Live Dealer environment

Online craps is a game which features in the live casino section of a site, this exciting format allows you to pick up winning points against the dealer and other players should a tournament be taking place. There are a good number of variant s for this game and the paid wins are very lucrative.

We guide you to safe online craps with the choice of fully regulated and licensed online casino operators

If you like the idea of live play craps online with others then you need to join the best casinos online. You can read the reviews of these casino and pick where to play the game. These are the top-rated casinos from around the world that are open to players based in South Africa. Fully licensed and registered to provide gambling services within the online gambling laws.

Ready to enjoy online craps with real money payouts? Fancy playing with an exclusive welcome bonus

Further your safe online craps experience by playing with bonuses offered out by these casinos. Claim your welcome bonus and wager additional cash bets with no risk as the offers allow you to play with the casino’s own cash, against their own dealers. To practice before you play, you can learn from our demo games which are the very same titles you can find inside these top casinos.

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