How to Count Cards in Blackjack - Basic Counting Methods to Help You

When it comes to blackjack online South Africa, many people ask if card counting is illegal, fast answer – no! Here we show you how to count cards in blackjack. This will require practice as with all systems used when it comes to beating the casino at their own game.

It's time for you to count cards in Blackjack and win some real money
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Introducing you to the option of blackjack card counting to help you win whilst playing the game online

Learning how to count cards in blackjack is a straight forward process. With enough time and trailing, you will see that no other system can really beat it. Card counting in blackjack is allowed and because your playing online you give yourself a much better chance to note all the cards which are used. Whether the game comes as a single deck table or multi-deck, the process of card counting works. Giving you a great chance to best the house edge.

It’s not illegal to do card counting in blackjack so the platform is open to be taken advantage of

There are many different methods to the counting of cards. This one we are about to explain is a very effective and basic technique in how to count cards blackjack. It is important to know that when you try this popular method, it is best to start small, half a deck, then full single, then you can move on to another. The process is easy and is called the hi lo method and is all about keeping track on the running count of cards by minus as adding the card values.

This is how to count cards in blackjack for beginners. The system is the easiest one to learn and master

To begin the blackjack card counting, you need to know what value the cards have in order to work out the remaining cards within the deck. The cards with a positive score are those which run from card 2 through to 6. These are scored as +1, so, for example, if you have 4 and 5 then this will equal a score of +2. If the dealer has 2 and 3, then the total to remember at this point is +4. The negative scores are cards 10 and higher, these come as a -1 score. So 10 and jack will equal -2. If the table reveals cards 6, 9, jack and king, then the total will be -1 because 6 is your +1 with -2 from jack and king, the 9 is 0.

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This counting system will give you a true reflection of the value of cards remaining in the shoe based on the score as it fluctuates. You will now what type of cards are left given the score it’s at. If you are at +10 as a score, then you know more higher numbered cards remain.

There are other strategies to help you win, if you want to know how to win at blackjack without counting cards

This hi and low system is how to count cards in blackjack for beginners but the basic strategy can work for as many decks your mind can keep count of. There are a number of other methods players use to increase their chances, but this is simple because online play is slightly different to that of real hands-on gameplay. The perk of this, is whilst betting online you can write the value cards have as they come up and no-one will see. You can have a friend with you to play as a team to give you a better chance against the odds. Any colleague can be the counter whilst the player relays those which are dealt.

Now you know how to count cards blackjack options will become a lot more easier in the field of play

Leaning how to win at blackjack without counting cards can be studied from our other strategy guide. But winning always means practice and developing your skills, so firstly learn the rules and practice on different tables in their demo mode. Go through the hi lo system and try a few times so see which ones fall easier to the system.

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