Blackjack Rules - Here you can Explore the Rules of Casino Blackjack

It is obviously worth covering the rules of online blackjack within any guide to the card game. Here, we discuss the basics surrounding the blackjack rules and how it can affect your decisions, betting and knowing what the hands you are dealt mean.

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This guide will help you to learn how to play blackjack and covers all betting options and odds

The blackjack rules are easy to learn. Knowing how to play blackjack in casino environments, is a lot different to playing online but no too far removed that it becomes a whole new game from the original. Playing away from the internet, you have a lot of base rules in etiquette, which becomes redundant in the online version of the game.

Learning the blackjack card values so you know how to bet against the hands you could possibly face

When learning how to play blackjack, you will have to incorporate the other guides, this will be our look at the basic strategy and the counting cards option. It is important to add all these into the rules to overcome the house edge, which is one of the best in the range of casino games available.

The rules of blackjack are very simple and you can use these basics to play live tables or virtual machines

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There is a lot going on inside a game, from the deck to the motion of surrender. Depending on the form of game you can either face low, medium high or unlimited wager tables. But here for now we discuss the basic rules and what bets can be made from it.

A pair of cards are drawn for the player, this is done by the dealer in a live game. Your task is to land 21 in total or as close to the number without going over, which is called going bust. If the dealer beats your score, then the original bet is lost.

During the game as winning payout can come from a number of alternative playing options and this is where knowing the blackjack card values comes into play.

The rule of the card’s value is simple. Aces is either one point or eleven. Cards two to nine are score in relation to their number. Ten and higher cards equal ten points.

Knowing how to play blackjack in casino venues that are land bases are different to the online game

The chance of winning is based on not just the final score of your card but how you get to it. This means we now have to look at the playing options which there are. To split your cards means you can add an additional bet to the original and play with two separate hands. The additional cards are taken from the shoe and one place with each of the original hand.

It makes for one of the more basic strategies to split at the table. Both hands will be used against the houses single hand.

Doubling down in gambling is when you increase your original bet by 100% to push your first staked chips for a larger return. Only do this when you have a good original first hand and never as a bluff tactic.

The other common movement to take in a game is to surrender if the card draw is too risky to bet with the pairs you have. If during your game you with to learn what cards are left in a deck, then card counting is a tip that help you win any of the variations of the games. It is allowed under the rules and is why we have added it to our guide on how to play blackjack online.

Now you know how to play blackjack online, you can join the best venues online for South African players

Playing blindly is less fun, it gets difficult to calculate a game if you don’t learn all the possible aspects of the game. The rules of blackjack can be learnt from our free games, where you can learn the three most commonly played variations of table. It’s best to practice and allow yourself time to take advantage of the same games you can play within the casino for free.

Once you are ready, then you can make your way to the top ten sites to play for real money wins.

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